Improve the work you’re doing in your community.

For nonprofit organizations looking to improve the impact of their programs and business operations.

What We Do

Trifecta Advising advances effective programs and operations to facilitate sustained impact.

We specialize in three core components:

Strategic Program Design & Management

Data Analysis & Evaluation


Business Operations

Trifecta Advising

How to Determine if Trifecta Advising is Right for Your Nonprofit Organization

  • Your nonprofit is not receiving enough monetary support from donors
  • The processes and systems in your nonprofit are outdated
  • Your team struggles to create and submit proposals for funding
  • Your programs and initiatives are not attracting volunteers

If you answered yes to any of these, Trifecta Advising is the firm for you!

About Us

Trifecta Advising is a professional consulting firm that aids nonprofits in showing the impact of their programs and improving systems that improve the “health” of their business.

About the Founder

Thank you for stopping by our website!

My name is Calondra Tibbs and I am the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Trifecta Advising.

I’ve always been passionate about helping others and creating communities that support the wellbeing and advancement of those in need.

Over the years, I’ve learned that I have a passion for helping organizations be more effective and efficient – specifically nonprofit organizations..

I launched Trifecta Advising because I want to offer support and coaching opportunities for these organizations- so they are better equipped to serve their communities.

Trifecta Advising

Nonprofit Organizations We’ve Worked With

Trifecta Advising’s analysis is creative, relevant, and impactful. Their work with WomenHeart is smart, strategic and is huge asset to our team. They help unlock the creativity of your team and deliver.


The team at Trifecta Advising was very easy to work with, and delivered everything to a high standard and in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend them.


E3G, Program Director

Trifecta Advising helped me update financial and operational actives to align with current business standards. They also allowed me to streamline processes. Keep up the good work!




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