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Drive the change your organization deserves

We know you’re eager to drive lasting change. Our team of experts is ready to roll up our sleeves and work closely with you to discover the root causes of your frustrations. Together, we will discover growth opportunities and impactful strategies to overcome these challenges for better systems and more aligned processes to deliver more impactful programs.

Trifecta Advising specializes in providing comprehensive services for nonprofit organizations to maximize their reach and increase their impact while cultivating successful donor and volunteer relationships.

Improve your nonprofit operations. Demonstrate your impact. Drive sustained change.

Meet the team

Calondra Tibbs

Calondra D. Tibbs, MPH

CEO & Nonprofit Strategist

Founder and Nonprofit Strategist, Calondra, is a seasoned public health professional and leader with over two decades of experience shaping impactful initiatives. Calondra is the guiding force to support your success. As a Nonprofit Strategist, she brings a wealth of knowledge and, most importantly, a listening ear to nonprofit organizations, effectively becoming a trusted thought partner for the duration of the engagement.

Calondra has demonstrated her exceptional leadership skills by significantly growing funding portfolios and strategically aligning programs to maximize impact in local and state government public health agencies and national nonprofit organizations. In 2020, Calondra leveraged her wealth of experience to launch Trifecta Advising, a nonprofit strategy firm dedicated to supporting organizations in achieving their mission-driven goals. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science Education from the University of Florida and a Master of Public Health from Florida A&M University, Calondra continues to drive positive change through her innovative approaches and unwavering commitment to public health and equity.

Kimberley Broomfield-Massey, Ph.D. -Urban Metrics Consultants, LLC

Kimberley Broomfield-Massey, Ph.D.

Lead Quantitative Evaluator

Kimberley Broomfield-Massey, Ph.D., is an experienced evaluator and researcher specializing in participatory methods, quantitative and qualitative research, and facilitation.

Kimberley completed her doctoral work in community psychology with a focus on program evaluation at Georgia State University and is the CEO and Principal Research and Evaluation Consultant for Urban Metrics Consultants, LLC.

Kimberley has worked extensively in health equity, youth development, human trafficking, chronic homelessness, and prison re-entry. Her experience spans local, regional, and national nonprofits. As the Lead Quantitative Evaluator at Trifecta Advising, she excels in bringing clarity through the skillful art of counting.

Flora Magiri

Flora Magiri

Senior Project Manager

Flora Dugbartey is a Southeast resident hailing from the West Coast bringing nearly two decades of nonprofit experience coupled with twenty years of event management and planning.

Flora completed a B.A. in Business Management and is proficient in nonprofit management, Program Development, Strategic Planning, Board organization, and management.

As the former Executive director of the Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce, she understands the importance of organizational structure and the implementation of strategic planning.

An advocate for growth and change, Flora enjoys providing support to entrepreneurs and organizations impacting their communities. Her personal motto is, “Make improvements, not excuses.” As the Senior Project Manager at Trifecta Advising, she skillfully transforms chaos into success.

Beverly John

Beverly John

Nonprofit Operations Consultant

Beverly John is an operations and administration expert with over 20 years of nonprofit and professional service support, management, and leadership experience. She is skilled in nonprofit organizational start-up, financial management and budgeting, human resources, program development and management, board management, strategic planning, and event management.

Furthermore, Beverly is adept at assessing overall operations and working with cross-departmental teams to identify opportunities to increase efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and programmatic impact. She enjoys the challenge of looking at the big picture and dissecting it as necessary to help create an even better image, which has earned her the title of “Organizer of the World” at Trifecta Advising.

Tashana Thompson, Ph.D., MBA

Tashana Thompson, Ph.D., MBA

Chief Marketing Officer

Tashana Thompson is an accomplished marketing and visibility expert with a distinguished career spanning over two decades. With a solid academic foundation that includes a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, a dual MBA in Marketing and Human Resources, and an honorary Ph.D. in Business and Christian Leadership, Tashana possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

In her role, she is responsible for overseeing all marketing communications strategies and implementation for Trifecta Advising. She has a particular specialization in working with women-led small businesses and nonprofits, where she brings her extensive marketing acumen to empower these organizations. Her mission revolves around empowering women leaders, guiding them to reshape both their professional and personal lives.

Tiffany Young

Tiffany Young, Ph.D., MA

Lead Qualitative Evaluator

Tiffany Young, Ph.D., earned her doctorate in Aging Studies from the University of South Florida School of Aging Studies, and a cognate in Evaluation and the Department of Educational Measurement & Research. Tiffany is the Owner and Principal Research and Evaluation Scientist for Lenell and Lillie Consulting, LLC.

Tiffany brings 20+ years of evaluation and research experience in the nonprofit and academic sectors. Using an equity lens, she integrates evaluation methods with stakeholder engagement strategies to assist organizations in transformative change that aligns with their missions and core values. Her areas of expertise include mixed and qualitative methods, implementation science, community engagement, and program development, implementation, and evaluation.

At Trifecta Advising, Tiffany serves as the Lead Qualitative Evaluator, given her uncanny ability to uncover stories through data.

About Us

Trifecta Advising is not your average consulting firm. We work with nonprofit executives and teams to identify the missing pieces and come up with a plan to fill these gaps so that you can deliver on your mission-driven goals.

At Trifecta Advising, we operate on the belief that every team can succeed with the right tools in place. We’re here to empower you to reach the growth you know you can achieve, improve your team and donor relationships, and put you on track to success.


Sheree H. Keitt, Community Catalyst

“Trifecta Advising serves as the evaluator on a 5-year federal cooperative agreement for Community Catalyst, where I am the project director. It was vital for me to bring in an evaluator with experience working directly in communities, understanding the nuances of federal funding, and up for the task of supporting our team in shaping a new program. Working with Calondra and her team has been great! The team is knowledgeable, responsive, direct, and easy to work with. I highly recommend.”

Kimarie Bugg, Rose

“Top-notch consultant who is always well-versed with the skills, knowledge, resources, and information needed to move our business interests to the next level.”