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Calondra Tibbs, MPH

Owner and Principal Consultant, Calondra Tibbs, has nearly 20 years of experience working with nonprofits, businesses, and local, state, and federal government public health organizations. From managing cooperative agreements, designing and implementing new programs, to developing training and projects with a variety of agencies, she has built strategic partnerships and effective programs and systems management with nonprofit, national, local, state, and federal government agencies and other key organizations.

Calondra Tibbs
Kimberley Broomfield-Massey, Ph.D. -Urban Metrics Consultants, LLC

Kimberley Broomfield-Massey, Ph.D.

Urban Metrics Consultants, LLC

Kimberley Broomfield-Massey, Ph.D., is an experienced evaluator and researcher specializing in participatory methods, quantitative and qualitative research, and facilitation. Her experience involves consulting with local, regional, and national nonprofit organizations. Valuing the wisdom of the community and academia, Kimberley uses her experiences to foster a bi-directional exchange between both perspectives. She has worked extensively in health equity, youth development, human trafficking, chronic homelessness, and prison re-entry.  Dr. Broomfield-Massey completed her doctoral work in community psychology with a focus on program evaluation at Georgia State University and is the CEO and Principal Research and Evaluation Consultant for Urban Metrics Consultants, LLC.

Flora Dugbartey

Flora Dugbartey, formerly a west coast native, now a Southeast resident, has over sixteen years of non-profit experience coupled with twenty years of event management and planning. She has a B.A. in Business Management and is proficient in Non-profit management, Program Development, Strategic Planning, Board organization, and management. As the former Executive director of the Rancho Chamber of Commerce, she understands the importance of organizational structure and the implementation of strategic planning. An advocate for growth and change, she enjoys providing support to entrepreneurs and organizations impacting their communities. Her personal motto “make improvements, not excuses.”

Flora Dugbartey
Beverly John

Beverly John

Beverly John, founder of BJohnProjects, is an operations and administration professional with over 20 years of nonprofit and professional service support, management, and leadership experience. She is skilled in nonprofit organizational start-up, financial management and budgeting, human resources, program development and management, board management, strategic planning, and event management. She is skilled in assessing overall operations, and working with cross-departmental teams with the goal of identifying opportunities to increase efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and programmatic impact. She enjoys the challenge of looking at the big picture and dissecting it as necessary to help create an even better image!


Tashana Thompson MBA

Chief Marketing Officer

Tashana Thompson, Ph.D., MBA embodies many passions – she is an entrepreneur, visibility expert, and personal development junkie. For nearly two decades, she has leveraged my knack for entrepreneurship to help business owners establish their brands and increase their incomes.

A graduate of Georgia State University, Dr. Thompson is a thought-leader and marketing strategist who is enthusiastic about helping women in business increase their revenue with personalized roadmaps. Using proven strategy and tactical marketing plans, to help business owners’ products and services thrive online and propel them to the next level.

Tashana honed into her own entrepreneurial and relationship-building skills at an early age, selling toys and candy to friends in her Indianapolis neighborhood. In 2007, she launched Beyond Business Solutions to help small businesses, corporations, and nonprofits grow. Through her tailored solutions and focus on business education, she’s been able to develop authentic partnerships with dozens of business owners. With a focus on client-centered consulting, building quality connections, and expert marketing, Tashana continues to evolve as a leader to deliver tailored solutions to her clients.

Tashana’s background in hospitality, project management, marketing, and human resources makes her a unique business resource. She has executed strategies to generate millions of dollars in revenue, positioning herself as a marketing authority. Tashana has also provided training and certification to thousands of professionals while serving as Director of Education & Training for the Georgia & Alabama Restaurant Associations.

Tashana wears a lot of hats, but probably the ones she’s most proud of are her roles as a wife, mother, and daughter. She currently resides in Atlanta with her husband, Brian, her Mom Tonya, and her daughter, Addisyn.

Tiffany Young, Ph.D., MA

Lenell & Lillie Consulting

Tiffany Young, PhD, is the CEO and an Evaluation and Research Scientist for Lenell and Lillie Consulting and a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Interdisciplinary Leaders Research Fellow. She has 20+ years of evaluation and research experience in the nonprofit and academic sectors. Using an equity lens, she integrates evaluation methods with stakeholder engagement strategies to assist organizations in transformative change that aligns with their missions and core values. Her areas of expertise include mixed and qualitative methods, implementation science, community engagement, and program development, implementation, and evaluation.

Dr. Young earned her doctorate in Aging Studies and a cognate in Evaluation from the University of South Florida School of Aging Studies and the Department of Educational Measurement & Research, respectively.

Tiffany Young

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Trifecta Advising’s analysis is creative, relevant, and impactful. Their work with WomenHeart is smart, strategic and is huge asset to our team. They help unlock the creativity of your team and deliver.


The team at Trifecta Advising was very easy to work with, and delivered everything to a high standard and in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend them.


E3G, Program Director

Trifecta Advising helped me update financial and operational actives to align with current business standards. They also allowed me to streamline processes. Keep up the good work!