Giving Season

Giving season is right around the corner and that means nonprofits and government agencies must have their ducks in a row well before Giving Tuesday, which always falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving – making this year’s date: November 30.

Giving Tuesday is a day for generosity. It’s meant to inspire supporters of nonprofits and government agencies to give to these organizations to push the needle on their initiatives.

Some of you may be thinking: “November 30 is weeks from now – we’ve got plenty of time to prepare!” The truth is: Giving Tuesday will sneak up on all of us. And you don’t want to be the organization that isn’t prepared! Check out these 4 tips to make sure your organization is ready for Giving Tuesday:

Start your planning now

Don’t wait until the last minute to start brainstorming your campaign and any marketing materials you’ll need. Remember, Giving Tuesday is technically only a 24-hour event, so you’ve got one solid day to make a good impression on people while they’re in a “giving mood”.

Get clear on your campaign messaging and make sure tasks are delegated appropriately – and make sure everyone knows what their responsibilities are. Also, make sure your donations page is functioning properly, so supporters don’t run into any hiccups on the day of.

Keep it simple

Don’t overthink your campaign. Be crystal clear about what your organization or agency does to support the community and how supporter dollars will help push your initiative in the right direction. People want to know exactly how their hard-earned dollars will be used!

Automate as much as you can now

There are 3 critical pieces of content you can automate to help your campaign run smoothly: emails, social media posts, and donor letters.
Start engaging your community sooner rather than later. Send helpful information to your email subscribers, share valuable posts on your social media accounts, and get those donor letters in the mail now. Giving Tuesday falls in the middle of two major U.S. holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas), so you want to make sure people don’t forget.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; don’t be afraid to use templates

The days leading up to Giving Tuesday can feel stressful and overwhelming. But there are plenty of resources available to you. Browse the Giving Tuesday website and you’ll easily find helpful toolkits and even downloadable logos to use on your campaign materials and donation website.

If your nonprofit needs additional support please reach out to our team today.

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