Your nonprofit is unique. Why would your solutions be cookie-cutter?

Trifecta Advising provides custom consulting solutions to help your nonprofit:

Optimize their use of resources in internal operations.
Increase the reach and impact of their programs.
Attract and retain donors and volunteers.

Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your mission and uncover your organizational gaps. From there, we create a strategic roadmap to address those gaps and improve your outcomes. When all is said and done, you’ll experience smoother processes, an improved relationship with donors and volunteers, and more successful programs that serve your community more effectively.

Launch and run more impactful programs

Trifecta Advising offers nonprofit consulting services to help you achieve stronger organizational effectiveness, smoother operations, and better outcomes for the communities you serve.

program design & management

Trifecta Advising works closely with nonprofits to design, implement, and manage effective programs that align with their mission and objectives. This involves assessing community needs, developing programmatic frameworks, establishing measurable outcomes, and providing ongoing support to ensure successful implementation and impact.

Nonprofit operations & strategy

We offer expert guidance to streamline internal processes, enhance organizational structure, and develop strategic plans that align with your mission and vision. Our team works collaboratively with you to optimize governance, financial management, and capacity building, ensuring sustainable growth and impact.

Research & evaluation

Trifecta Advising’s research and evaluation services, help nonprofits measure their impact, assess program effectiveness, and make data-driven decisions. This includes designing and conducting evaluations, collecting and analyzing data, and communicating findings to stakeholders to inform strategic decision-making and enhance organizational learning.

Transform your operations. Increase your impact.

Trifecta Advising specializes in providing comprehensive services for nonprofit organizations to maximize their reach and increase their impact while cultivating successful donor and volunteer relationships.

Improve your nonprofit operations. Demonstrate your impact. Drive sustained change.

Tunishia Kuykindall, Public Health

“Trifecta is the company my organization completely trusts to have the best interest of the community and their clients in mind. They used best practices and clear communication to go over and beyond to assist us in our modules creation and publication process. I look forward to the next project with this company!”

Nikia Sankofa, USBC

“Trifecta Advising has provided invaluable support to the USBC. From organizing grant writing and annual reporting on a multi-million dollar five-year federal award, to supporting a virtual board retreat, to co-facilitating a pre-conference learning session on logic modeling for attendees, Trifecta always comes through with the right skills at the right time to help our organization thrive.”

Nastassia K. Harris, Perinatal Health Equity Initiative

“Calondra has been a wonderful support to our organization and would highly recommend, especially for nonprofit newbies like myself trying to learn the ropes.”